Without climbing a ladder, what is the challenge

by:Bonny     2020-06-16
Cleaning windows of your third storied building can be quite a task. It is not possible to get up on a ladder and clean the windows all by yourself. You might end up hurting yourself. So what can you do in such a situation? You can use Telescopic pole. They are the perfect instrument to get your window cleaner. What are the benefits of using Telescopic Window Cleaning Poles? \n The Carbon fibre telescopic pole allows you to clean windows over 30 ft high without the use of any ladder. \n With this device window cleaning becomes safer and easier. You can stand below and just extend the pole to get the window cleaner. There is no need to stand on a ladder or on a nearby wall to get the window cleaner. \n As the poles can be extended at different lengths, reaching windows higher up is not that much a difficult job. \n The chances of the stretchable pole getting detached are very less. The lock system prevents the pole from getting dislodged. \n When you are using this pole, the chances of accidents occurring are very less. When you use ladders there are chances of getting slipped and hurting yourself. \n When you use this pole you can easily clean the windows that are positioned high up. You don't need anyone's help. In fact you don't need to hire a service provider as well. \n You don't have to hire a service provider to get the windows cleaned. You can do it on your own. This means that you end up saving money as well. \n These poles are a onetime investment. They generally don't get damaged easily. The outer cover is made of fibre which means that they will not get rusty or develop molds - hence they are long lasting. As such you don't have to buy telescopic poles at frequent intervals. \n The Carbon fibre tube are made of high quality materials that are strong and yet lightweight. Though fibre is used to make them yet, the interior is made up of sturdy aluminum which gives the product its core and strength. \n There are many online stores that deal in this telescopic pole. Why don't you go ahead and purchase them? You can browse through the different collections to see which one you would like to purchase and own. \n So what are you waiting for? No ladder. Ok, find some kind of telescopic pole, or a snap together pole, that can reach up over the edge of the high gutter. You could get two 10 ft pieces of 1 inch P V C pipe, 2 one inch PVC couplings, two one inch PVC elbows, three short 1 inch PVC pieces of pipe ( get all the PVC stuff at Lowe's or Home Depot, for about $30.00). Put the 2 long pieces together, with 1 coupling, but no glue, so you can take it apart when done. Then take the 3 short pieces of pipe, and the 2 elbows, and put them together in a “ U'shape, with the other coupling on one end, and put that on the end of the long pipe. So what you have now is a long pipe, with an upside down “U' on one end. Now here's the good ol' not part: duct tape a water hose, from the “U' end, on the side of the PVC pipe, about every 2 feet, all the way down to the end. You will need a helper to drag the house along. Cause, what your going to do is raised up the pipe, hang the “ U' end over the gutter, turn the water on, and hydro blast the gutters. Dress appropriately, because at least one person will want to get a picture of y'all working this.
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