What is the best way to wash the outside of second

by:Bonny     2020-06-16
The best way to wash the outside of second-floor windows depends on the type of windows you have.In case you havetilt and turnorcasement windows, all you have to do is open them up inwards and clean them on the outside the same way you clean them on the inside. Just cover the floor with an old rug to prevent dripping water from making a mess. If you havefully reversible windowsyou can clean the external glass pane by rotating it. That way you can use the regular cleaning techniques.Things got a bit more complicated if you havebay and bow windows. Then you have to find some way to clean the outside of your windows from the inside. One possible solution is amagnetic window cleaner. The other alternative is buying arobotic window cleaner. It's more expensive than other options but it has many advantages that will make the tedious task a lot easier.But what can you do if you havepicture windowsthat don't open? Of course, you can use a ladder, but that's kind of dangerous and you could end up damaging your property or risk a personal injury. To stay on the safe side you can buy a telescopic pole and use that as a cleaning tool. In this scenario, you'll have to put a lot of elbow grease and the tiresome job of window cleaning might turn into an exhausting exercise. When you try to clean your second-floor windows from the ground that way it's hard to guarantee the final result will be streak-free windows.Another option ishiring a professional window cleanerthat has the right equipment. Nowadays most window cleaners use high-reach water fed poles and work from the ground. The poles are extendable, so it won't be any problem to reach your second-floor windows and clean them with purified water.With all these options it's up to you to decide what method suits you best.
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