What are the best ways to clean exterior windows?

by:Bonny     2020-06-16
Hello there,The exterior windows are dirtier because they鈥檙e exposed to pollution in the urban areas, to different weather conditions - rain, snow, hot and cold temperatures, insect and birds which leave stains on the glass surface. That鈥檚 why it takes more efforts and time to clean them.You should do this chore at least twice a year - in the spring and in the autumn. After all, it鈥檚 up to you and how much you鈥檇 prefer having 邪 clean view rather than dusty, smeared window panes.The best way to clean your exterior windows is the safest one. If you live in a house best wash your window from the outside using telescopic pole because it鈥檚 free from harm and not as dangerous as climbing ladders or climbing the window from the inside. My advice is to mix your own cleaning solution using eco-friendly products like water, white vinegar and lemon juice. In thiswindow cleaning guide, you can find different receipts for homemade window cleaners and information why this method is more preferred and good for your health and the environment.The step in cleaning the windows are as follows:Attach a mop to the telescopic pole. Use it to scrub the windows with the cleaning solution. Don鈥檛 economize on the cleaning mix and wet the glass panes generously. Apply mild pressure and scrub the window vertically and horizontally to dissolve all the accumulated dirt and stubborn stains. Replace the mop on the telescopic pole with a squeegee or use the built-in squeegee blade on the mop to remove the solution from the glass. Move from top to bottom. After every few strokes with the tool, shake off the water or wipe the squeegee with a cotton cloth.Wipe any wet spots from the frames, sills, inside the grooves and in the corners with a microfiber cloth. Additional tips:Don鈥檛 clean exterior windows when the sun is high in the sky and shines directly into the windows. That way it can hide the dirt or any imperfections which have to be cleaned. Also, during the hot days, the sun heats the glass which will cause the cleaning solution to evaporate faster. Choose a more gloomy day to wash your windowpanes.Wash the frames and sills as well. Don鈥檛 leave them behind because they鈥檙e as dirty as the window glass. Forgetting to do so will end up in your windows getting smeared after the first rain because the dust from the frames will get onto the glass and will obliterate your cleaning efforts.
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