What are the best tips when cleaning large windows?

by:Bonny     2020-06-16
It鈥檚 all about the technique and efficiency you are going to employ. First, find the right equipment. Theprofessional window cleanersare using telescopic poles. There are many types you can find in any retail store or onAmazon. They are easy to operate, you can attach to them any type of window scrubbers and squeegees.孝o effectively clean the whole surface of the window glass and to wash off every spot of dirt, you should be precise in every step of the cleaning. The keyword here isspeed. Why? Because it鈥檚 kind of obvious that larger objects take longer to clean. And time is not your friend when washing windows.After scrubbing the glass pane with the cleaning solution you need to remove the suds with the squeegee as fast as possible because the solution will start to dry out and leave streaks behind. Then you will need to repeat this step of the process again. When first washing with the scrubber I would recommend to take this approach:Place the scrubber in the upper corner of the window and wash horizontally along the top. Then scrub the window along its length using up and down strokes.Then quickly remove the scrubber from the pole and attach the squeegee. Now proceed as it follows:Place the squeegee in the upper corner of the window, tilt it a bit so you can easily pull it down to your shoulder height. Do this along the entire window top. After every stroke wipe the squeegee with a clean cloth.Remove the squeegee from the telescopic pole and take it in your hand. Place it against the left vertical moulding. Tilt it down a bit and pull across the width of the window. Repeat until you鈥檝e removed the cleaning solution from the glass. If there are still any wet spots on the window, you can use microfiber window cleaner and wipe clean the glass
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