Various smoke Purification methods

by:Bonny     2020-02-20
All kinds of smoke and dust purification methods, Section selection: due to the electrostatic force directly acting on the particles, the energy consumption of the separated particles is low and the airflow resistance is small. At the same time, submicron particles can be effectively captured. Licensed Distributor of Ningbo Bonny smart home products Co. , Ltd. Our company is a franchise company of quiet vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and dust suction machines, with factory direct sales. With reasonable price, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world. Is a professional cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and cleaning agents wholesale, distribution company. The main products of the 'Guangzhou Super treasure' brand series are to abide by the promise of 'quality as gold and quality as rock' and earnestly do a good job in the supply and distribution of each user. With the concept of 'customer interests first' and the tenet of 'being a person first, honesty first, making money second and making money', we have won unanimous praise from our customers in the service process. Different mechanisms, dust removal technology is divided into: mechanical dust removal, bag dust removal, electrostatic dust removal, wet dust removal, they respectively or comprehensively used the properties of dust such as mass force, charge, adhesion, wettability, etc. and the effects of collision, diffusion, interception, condensation, etc. to capture the particulate matter, because the principles adopted by the four dust removal technologies are different, the dust removal efficiency is also different. Mechanical dust removal, it uses the quality of dust to remove it, so its dust removal efficiency is closely related to the quality of dust; Dust with larger particle size is easier to remove due to its larger quality; However, dust with smaller particle size is difficult to remove because of its small quality, especially for the removal of fine dust. In the process of ionization by high voltage electric field, the electrostatic precipitator makes the dust particles charged, and the dust particles are deposited on the dust collecting plate under the action of the electric field force, separate the dust particles from the gas. As the electrostatic force acts directly on the particles, the energy consumption of the separated particles is low and the airflow resistance is small. At the same time, submicron particles can be effectively captured. Therefore, electrostatic precipitator is the most promising equipment, but its weakness is that the specific resistance of dust directly affects its collection efficiency. The specific resistance of dust generated by ferrosilicon electric furnace is in the order of magnitude, just in the range of high specific resistance, in the electrostatic precipitator, after these charged particles reach the dust collecting plate, they release the charge very slowly and remain this part of the charge, this will not only repel the subsequent particles with the same charge and affect their settlement, but also become thicker with the dust layer deposited on the polar plate, A large voltage drop is caused between the dust layer and the polar plate, so that the gas in the gap of the dust layer is ionized and a back corona occurs. It also generates pairs of positive and negative ions, the positive ions flow to the discharge plate through the inter-Plate region. As a result, the intensity of the dust collection field is weakened, the negative charge part of the particles is neutralized, and the charge of the particles is reduced, thus weakening the settlement of the particles, the capture efficiency is significantly reduced; Therefore, it is inappropriate to use electrostatic precipitator to purify the smoke and dust of ferrosilicon electric furnace. There are many kinds of wet dust collectors, and their efficiency varies greatly from type to type. For purifying ferroalloy electric furnace dust, Cyclone water film dust collector, impact dust collector, spray dust collector, etc. cannot meet the standards. Only high-energy tube dust collector and enhanced wet dust collector can meet the requirements. With high-energy dust collector, it not only uses the inertial collision of conventional wet dust collector, but also uses the effects of diffusion, coagulation, static electricity and so on to remove dust, so it has higher removal efficiency for fine dust, the operating cost is not too high. Of course, wet dust collectors have secondary pollution problems, so water treatment facilities must be provided and water should be recycled. Filter dust collector its purification efficiency is quite high, as long as the design is reasonable, its dust removal efficiency can reach 99%. 95, it can also effectively remove fine dust, so using it to purify the smoke and dust of electric furnace can meet the requirements of reaching the standard, at present, the basic situation of smoke and dust pollution control in ferroalloy plants in China is also mainly bag dust removal. However, the particle size of the electric furnace soot is very small. In order to meet the processing requirements, the allowable filtration wind speed must be very small, and the required filtration area is very large, so the equipment volume is relatively large.
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