Industrial vacuum cleaner is an indispensable part of pharmaceutical production

by:Bonny     2020-02-20
Industrial vacuum cleaners are an indispensable part of pharmaceutical production. Industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries. Especially in the production workshop of the pharmaceutical industry, it has become an indispensable part. With the improvement of China's pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry has achieved rapid development. Although the economic benefits of the pharmaceutical industry were favored due to its high economic benefits at the early stage of development, the pharmaceutical industry is facing difficulties in development in recent years. In particular, the GMP level of the pharmaceutical industry is rigid, in which an important assessment item and index is the cleaning index. However, due to its special function, industrial vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable part of production machinery in pharmaceutical production enterprises. The following is about the application of industrial vacuum cleaner in pharmaceutical production: in the process of pharmaceutical production, tablet press, capsule filling machine, counting machine, mixer and pulverizer are used, therefore, a large amount of dust and waste water will be generated in the process of work. If dust removal and purification are not carried out, the enterprise will not be able to complete various assessment items and cleaning indexes, it will face the possibility of suspension of production or rectification. At present, industrial vacuum cleaners are used to connect with the reserved interfaces of medicine machines such as tablet press, capsule filling machine and counting machine to solve the dust particles generated in the pharmaceutical process; It can be used in combination with medical equipment such as mixer and pulverizer to solve the dust powder produced in the pharmaceutical process. The application of industrial vacuum cleaner in the pharmaceutical workshop, in the case of helping enterprises to achieve the standard, can recycle a part of the raw materials, can achieve the purpose of energy saving. Therefore, industrial vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable part of pharmaceutical production. Facing the double pressures of energy shortage and environmental deterioration in our country, the state has proposed to establish a conservation-oriented and friendly society. Enterprises are one of the members of the society. They should actively participate in the actions of reducing emissions with skills and implement national policies and regulations with practical actions.
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