How to deal with industrial vacuum cleaner blockage

by:Bonny     2020-02-20
How to deal with the blockage of the industrial vacuum cleaner in the process of using the vacuum cleaner, once it is found that there is a foreign body blocking the straw, it should be turned off immediately to check and remove the foreign body before continuing to use. When in use, the hose, suction nozzle and connecting rod interface should be fastened tightly, especially the small gap suction nozzle and floor brush should be paid special attention. First of all, in addition to the simplest dust filter bag, the dust inside is not cleaned up in time, the vacuum cleaner may also be blocked as follows. You may wish to check it yourself: 1. Check the hose and suction nozzle: the dust bag interface or the pores of the dust bag may be blocked. If this is the case, the vacuum cleaner should be disassembled, the dust in the hose should be shaken off, the blockage at the suction nozzle or dust bag suction port should be cleaned, or the dust bag should be replaced. 2. It may be that the filter bag is covered with dust: The filter bag made of flannel is easy to be stained with dust and blocked. At this time, just shake the dust rack to shake off the dust on the velvet bag. 3. It may be that the seal between the top cover and the Middle shell of the vacuum cleaner is not tight. Should check whether there is a crack between the top cover and the Middle shell, and whether the screw is tightened. 4. It may be that the seal between the motor and the vacuum cleaner is not tight. The screws and gaskets around the motor should be checked, and the screws and gaskets should be tightened when found loose, and the gasket defects should be replaced in time. 5. It may be that the dust-rising brush bristles have been worn out. Although the motor rotates, the dust-rising brush cannot be raised, so the suction force is very weak. At this time, remove the rotating brush, adjust the position of the rotating brush assembly, make the rotating brush bristles close to the ground, and the rotation can fully dust up. If the wear is serious, a new brush can be replaced. 6. It may be that the fan blades are not fixed tightly. When the fan blade slides on the motor shaft, it also affects the dust collection effect. The positioning screw of the fan blade should be tightened.
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