How do you clean storefront windows?

by:Bonny     2020-06-16
This job could be done by one person in case the storefront windows are not too high and not too many. All you need to do the job is cobweb/dust brush, bucket, telescopic pole, washing-up liquid, warm water, scrubber, squeegee and a towel.Start off by getting the cobwebs, the heavy dirt and the dust off the frames and off the glass at the top with the brush. Next, mix the washing-up liquid with warm water in the bucket. For example, you can use Ajax detergent which will do a great job.Soak the window scrubber in the bucket with the cleaning solution. Then wash the frames and the glass with it. Use circular movements and start in the middle of the glass. This technique is effective because it allows you to work faster. Next squeegee off the soapy water from the windowpanes. Be careful not to leave any water stains behind. Wipe the window ledges with the squeegee, especially the one above the door. Otherwise, you risk wetting the first person who will open it. Also, the drying water will leave visible white marks.In the end, wipe the frames and every corner with a soft clean towel. It鈥檚 preferable if you use a cotton one or a microfiber cloth. Leave the glass to dry naturally.My advice is first to wash the top of the storefront windows. Use the telescopic pole, attach the window scrubber to it, when you finish detach it and affix the squeegee to the pole. After that, wash the lower parts of the storefront. It鈥檚 a technique you can use when it鈥檚 windy or too hot because in these conditions the cleaning solution will dry faster and you鈥檒l have smeared windows.However, if the storefront windows are too many and mostly out of reach, I鈥檒l advise you to callcommercial window cleaningservices. You鈥檒l save time, finances and you鈥檒l have professionally cleaned and shiny storefront windows, ready to welcome your customers
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