How do we call people working in swimming pool

by:Bonny     2020-06-16
You call them pool service technicians. pool service tech:Diagnoses, repairs and maintains publicswimming pools,water systems, filter systems, pumps, and playground equipment.Schedules, assigns, monitors, reviews and evaluates the work of assigned staff.Maintain the proper chemical balance for the pool. Maintains the pH and Chlorine values for good water quality.Maintain the pool and all water features using proper chemicals and cleaners.Maintain the pool pumps and filters.Maintain the pool area including cleaning of the deck and other maintenance tasks. Respond to swimming pool related work orders in a timely, friendly and efficient manner to assess and repair non-functioning machinery or equipment.Repairs and maintains electrical and mechanical equipment.Transports and stores hazardous chemicals. Carrying out scheduled water cleaning, using chemicals like chlorine.Regularly testing swimming pool water quality and pH balance.Tests the chemical levels in public swimming pools and other water systems and adjusts as needed. Maintains manual or automated records of all activities and prepares daily / weekly / monthly reports.Picks up trash and cleans public swimming pools, restrooms and facility areas.Operates and inspects tools and equipment and makes minor adjustments and repairs. Operates vehicles to transport various types of materials and equipment.Cleaning and servicing swimming pool filtration units.Servicing heating, circulation and de-humidifier systems. Fixing lights above and below water level.Use swimming pool vacuum cleaners to clean the pool floor.Checking and repairing corrosion, cracks and leaks in the pool walls or floors. Use a telescopic pole with net to clean and remove any leafs or derbies.Making sure equipment like pool covers, diving boards and slides are in good working orderLogging and reporting equipment faults or water quality problems to managers
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