How do I fix a ripped pool liner?

by:Bonny     2020-06-16
Pumices stones, retractable poles, skimmers, filters, vacuum's, pumps and water. The wonderful world of pool ownership has just as many pitfalls, as it does advantages. Little time will pass before you have 3000 long lost neighbors and friends asking to use your new pool. Too bad they don't ask to clean the pool as well. There is some good information for you though. I am going to take some of the hurt out of pool ownership, by telling you that you do not need half, what the pool salesman will try and sell you. They want to make money. They would sell you their grandmas false teeth just to get a sale. So when you go in to your pool dealership, at least you can go in armed with good information. This will keep you from buying pool cleaning equipment that you do not need. First, when you are buying you pool all you really need is the following merchandise. The perfunctory pump and filter will start you off. Your pool dealer will sell you these items. You will also need a leaf net, pool brush, and whatever chemical transference system that you will use. (If you use one at all, that is.) These are the basics! Items that will get you through until you have a problem which requires something else. I wouldn't use the three million products that people want to offer you. Most of these pool miracles will only discolor your water if used inappropriately. So at first go with the bare minimum. After you spent a few thousand on a pool, the last thing you will want to do is by stuff you won't use. Like the Leafmaster system. If you buy this system, and your pool is not surrounded by a forest, with leaves dropping in it everyday, you just purchased a useless eyesore for your pool. Should you want to save yourself money on swimming pool cleaning chemicals, try using the internet. There are even places that tell you how to use household chemicals, in the proper proportions, to keep your pool clean and healthy. So my advice is to look around and do research before you buy anything. Chances are you will not need them. But your pool man will tell you otherwise. The first thing is to have at least an inch or two distance away from any weld seams. If the hole is on a seam? It's likely un-patchable. The water will always track along that seam-formed *tunnel*. If it's in clear vinyl, cut a rounded patch at least an inch to inch and a half larger in all diections than the hole you're covering.Apply glue liberally to every area of your patch, fold it in half, glue side in, and dive to the repair site.After unfolding and pressing it onto the previously rubbed clean leak area, hold it in place with your non-dominant hand then use the coordinated thumb and fingertips to press excess glue from the center/middle towards the edge in all directions. This minimizes the patch height so it won't collect dirt quite so aggressively. brick with aluminum foil is my favorite weight to place over the patch to prevent lifting of the edge. Often you can use the pool brush with pole to hold a brick even on a 45掳 hopper wall.
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