Advantages of water filter industrial vacuum cleaner

by:Bonny     2020-02-20
The advantages of water filtration industrial vacuum cleaner: water filter, no dust bag, all dust and dust can be dissolved in water, no dust deposition, suction will not decay. Licensed Distributor of Ningbo Bonny smart home products Co. , Ltd. Our company is a franchise company of quiet vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and dust suction machines, with factory direct sales. With reasonable price, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world. Is a professional cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and cleaning agents wholesale, distribution company. The main products of the 'Guangzhou Super treasure' brand series are to abide by the promise of 'quality as gold and quality as rock' and earnestly do a good job in the supply and distribution of each user. With the concept of 'customer interests first' and the tenet of 'being a person first, honesty first, making money second and making money', we have won unanimous praise from our customers in the service process. The biggest advantage of industrial vacuum cleaner water filtration method is-- Suction is very obvious, the exhaust gas after water purification, its cleanliness is very ideal. Water filter, do not need dust bag, all the dust and dust can be dissolved in water, there will be no dust deposition, suction will not decay. There is no need to pay attention to whether the dust bag is full or not at all times, and the cleaning dust box will no longer come into contact with dust. The results show that basically all the dust will dissolve in water. The middle flat filter is washable, especially for long-life materials. This filter can filter very small particles floating from humid air. Special 4-stage filtration system ensures clean filtration. Effective main filter layer to safely filter coarse dirt. Fine dust is dissolved in water to maintain sufficient suction without suction attenuation. All you need to do is empty the filter box-It is as simple as that.
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